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Joe Arpio Birth Certificate Findings
Don't know why I would put this in political links as it is true criminal activity
perpetrated by our government against the citizens of this country!!!!

Obama  BINGO
Great game.

Obama Birth Certificate
You thought it didn't exist. Check it out.

Obama is a fraud.

Had to make this into a web page


Obama Movie 2016

The Real Obama Movie 2016

Where are we headed?

1001 Reasons NOT to vote for Obama
(At the time of the post) Has since soared beyone the damned clouds!!!

Half Mast

Only in 2012 America...
Can people call for the downfall and destruction of the nation's bloodline,
capitalism, in the name of the 99% (Occupy).
Only in 2012 American can Islamic radicals & other radicals
be invited to the White House
(Muslim Brotherhood & New Black Panther Party), while the Dalai Lama
& Bibi Netanyahu have to enter and leave by the White House garbage center.
Only in 2012 America can the president call our founding ideals "deeply flawed."
Only in 2012 America can the government mandate Catholics violate their beliefs.
Only in 2012 America can the government call for the theft of others' property
and give it to others who have no right to it (wealth "redistribution").
Only in 2012 America can a person defecate on a police car and be called a hero,
while a flag waving vet is called a threat.
“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
But it cannot survive treason from within. ~Marcus Tullius Cicero
People...we have SERIOUS PROBLEMS in the country.