Dear Friends

CrazyKens Slimmer Dude

Dear friends,
in recent months (years)
I have been sending
jokes and/or funny photos
to quite a few folks
gracing my email list,
assuming that everyone is sharing
my kind of humor... 
Well sadly I had to discover
that some people
were taking it
the wrong way,
relating to me as a
and superficial person. 
That's why
I decided
to step up to meet popular demands -
from now on
all I am going to forward
are subjects relating to culture,
nature and architectural themes,
catering to the high cultural
aspiration level of my fellow men. 
I want to start this off with an especially
breathtaking view of the famous
Pont Neuf of Toulouse. 
This is the oldest and most
beautiful bridge in Toulouse. 
It was built between
1544 and 1632,
and Louis XIV
crossed it in 1659.

Take note of the great arches

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