Slimmer Dude

Crazy Kens TV
When I'm live I'll be streaming
from this page

Crazy Web Pages
Created from emails I've
gotten over the years and
other places. Mostly designed
for phones and tablets etc.

Whacky Pages
Designed for personal computers

I think I got my
descriptions backwards

Funny Audio Clips
Funny stuff

Funny Pictures
I've got to figure out a
better way to host these

Not your typical game pages

HTML image uploading tool
hosted at tiny pic

Bars and Dividers
For web pages

Web Page Hyperlink Hover code script
Found it on one of the old pages
One of these years
I'll fix that page or someone else can???

Link hover images scripts
Kind of like the one above
but these scripts do other things

Graphics for web pages
I'm just getting started.
Don't laugh.

Mind Trips
A few pages I put together
to mess with your head

Joke Pages
Been working on
these pages

Your Grandma
Just kidding

Don't click here

Click below

General Store
Online Store
This is where I sell crap
to pay for this website


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No ads needed if that
donate link does its job